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Wrap yourself in divine & style!

This beautiful  Om Shanti shawl is hand block printed on peaceful and luxurious white fabric with a traditional paisley design, universal mantra OM, and other divine symbols that preserve tradition in style. OM represents the beginning and end of creation.

OM is the highest Mantra and all Vedic Mantras have emerged from OM and is the shortest Mantra in Hindu Religion. The reverberation of this word allows us to uphold mental and emotional serenity, conquer difficulties, and enable understanding. This helps to create positivity and peacefulness around you.

It can be worn over the shoulders as a wrap to cover your body while doing yoga or meditative practice. This scarf is made of luxurious, lightweight, and extra soft breathable 100% pure cotton fabric with finished edges.

This exquisite shawl is ethically handcrafted in India exclusively for OMSutra. This elegant shawl can be another addition to your fashion scarves.

Helping mankind one person at a time, when we heal others we heal ourselves. Do your Karma, and the universe will take care of you. OM Shanti!

Size: 86 inches x 45 inches.

Wash care: Hand washes separately in cold water.

OM Shanti Paisley Design Cotton Shawl

SKU: 9c277a70
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